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Free quotes? Yup, you read that right. We don't put prices on our sites because of the fact that they are always changing. It would get too complicated trying to put together a table of what the price would be, we even get confused sometimes. Because of the fact that we don't put prices on our site, we offer free quotes. You can call or email us at any time. You can then receive quotes that fit your situation of your event. There is no obligation to make the reservation. You can book after you find out the quote or if you would like to think about it, we will save your information and your quote so that you get the same price when you call back.

There are many factors that goes into our pricing. First thing would be the size of the vehicle, the number of passengers and where the pick up location is. The bigger the bus, the more it's going to be because of the more space and amenities. We have a thing called, peak times. They are times in which our prices are higher than other times of the year. Our main peak time is from Spring to early Summer. That falls on our wedding and prom season. We become extremely busy at that time, so if you are thinking about booking a vehicle at that time, you should call early. Even more specific, there are days of the week in which some days may be less than others. Weekdays are less than weekends. Sunday is less than Friday and Saturday. So keep those helpful tips in mind when you are planning your event.

Hidden fees are not in our dictionary. There is no use in charging customers fees that they have no clue about. We have our business to make our customers happy so that they have a great experience from start to finish. You will be informed of all potential charges you may come across, like cleaning fees or gas surcharges. You won't even be charged a late fee if you go over your booked time. Instead, you are charged your hourly rate, in 15 minutes increments, so that you don't pay for time that you don't use.

There are often deals and discounts happening. The only way to find out, would be to call us. We work hard to give you the best deal so that you can enjoy your experience without breaking the bank. If you are interested in a more instant quote, we suggest calling. Email responses might not be right away. Any day, any time, you can contact us. All you have to do is provide us with a little detail and you can have your quote in a couple of seconds.





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