A wedding is a big moment in a persons life. It changes everything they have ever known. Instead of it being all about one person, it's now about two. You promise to them that you will always love them, no matter what happens. True love inspires people and seeing it in others, reminds them just how special it is. Weddings are a time for joy and happiness. Planning for the wedding, causes some unhappy feelings sometimes. The couple could get stressed and feel rushed in the decisions their making for the one special day. Decisions like cake, venue, photographer, caterer, dress, tux and more. It only happens once, so of course you'd want it to happen perfectly. One thing that you can count on the happen they way you want, is by having transportation by Limousine Boise.

With us, you won't have to worry about the transportation at your wedding. If you need your guests picked up and dropped off, or the wedding party or the the marrying couple, you can rest knowing that the passengers, you guests, will get to the destination safe and on time. You won't have that worry of will the guests arrive on time, will someone miss it, or will I be late? You and your guests will be able to relax and enjoy themselves. Wedding season is a super busy time, therefore we book up fast. You will want to book your reservation as early as possible. Don't get stuck without the transportation you want at your wedding.

Bachelorette Parties

Either you are getting married or you know of someone getting married and you are planning the infamous bachelorette party. It is the one last night to celebrate the single life before having to walk down the aisle. There aren't many movies on bachelorette parties, they don't usually get super crazy and out of hand like bachelor parties do. It all depends on the bride to be. There are many options of different bachelorette parties to be had. You could do a spa day, where everyone relaxes and gets pampered before the big day. There are pole dancing classes you could take, to feel more sexier for the men in your life. There's also the popular bar and club hopping. You'll be able to enjoy some drinks and dance with your favorite ladies.

Getting a limo bus or limousine for a bachelorette party, is one occasion that is very popular with our customers. The big and important reason being that no one in the group has to drive. You will have a chauffeur to take you places. No worrying about getting lost, traffic, or parking. Everyone in the group can enjoy themselves and drink. There's no worry about who is going to be the designated driver or driving while intoxicated. Next, our vehicles are packed with amenities that will only make the party better. There are bar area with coolers to keep your drink cold, some vehicles have dancing poles to dance on with the loud music playing over the stereo system and color changing lights for that club effect. You'll want to book the vehicle way before so that you can get the vehicle you want before it's gone.

Bachelor Parties

Goodbye bachelor life, hello married life. A bachelor party gives the groom to be, one last night with his guys to party. There have been many movies based off this one event. Some parties get wild and out of control, some can be relaxed and laid back. It will definitely depend on the groom and who the groomsmen think their groom will like. Some options could be going golfing or going to a cigar club. It could be going to the bars and drinking to the hearts content. It could even be visiting a strip club or two. Whenever one hears bachelor party, they think of strippers. It's like the two go hand in hand. You gotta be careful about it though, and we suggest you get the brides permission. You don't want any hurt feelings or arguments before the wedding.

There are many things in our vehicles that will add to the bachelor party. Comfortable leather seats to relax on, bar areas with coolers full of ice for cold drinks, TV's to watch a DVD or blu-ray, and a dancing pole. That dancing pole can be used for dancing, but it's up to who dances on it. Drunk friends or a stripper? Best of all, all the guys will be able to drink. You will have a chauffeur to talk the group to all the locations. No need to leave a person out of the fun of drinking to drive. No need to worry about if you're "sober enough" to drive. Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Enjoy the night with luxury transportation. Don't forget to book your reservation.

School Dances

There have been many movies about high school dances. Some give the dances a bad rep, some give it a good rep. To a lot of teenagers, it's a very important time to them. It is one of the main events that happen, that a teenager looks forward to. They get to ask someone who is special to them, to go to the dance with them, or someone asks them. Then there is, of course, one of the best moments about the dance, shopping. Guys will go out and rent a tux and buy a corsage. The girls love the shopping the most. They will end up trying on dresses for what seems like an eternity. They will eventually end up on a dress. Then the day of the dance, they will most likely, get a mini makeover of a hairstyle and get their nails painted. Once they are all dressed, they will take photos and lots of them. Parents like to capture all the small moments.

Attention parents, there are many benefits to having a luxury vehicle for the school dance. First off, it will make the night very special with the feeling of being sophisticated and fancy. Secondly, all the teens can travel together to every stop so that no one is left out or feels unwanted. Thirdly, it will give parents, a piece of mind. Knowing that teenagers will be teenagers, parents will worrying about who is driving and if they will be safe and responsible or try to act cool. Parents can rest knowing that with a luxury vehicle with a professional chauffeur, their child is probably in the best hands. The chauffeur will take them to and from the dance safely. Call us before the school dance to make your reservation!

Night on the Town

The weekend. To some, it feels like it never comes. The days of the week drag on, slower and slower if you keep paying attention to how far away the weekend is. When the weekend does finally come around, you deserve a night of fun. A chance to relax, let go of some steam and enjoy yourself. A night out can mean anything outside of your home and work. Dinner at a restaurant, a movie, going to a bar or club, going on a wine tour and more! There are countless activities and events to do to have fun. Just as long enjoy yourself, a night out is well worth it.

If you get a limo or limo bus from Limousine Boise, there's no need to worry about transportation. Your chauffeur will pick you and your guests up and take you wherever you wish. You have unlimited stops so you can visit as many places as you want in your reserved time. If you are doing a night of drinking, you won't have to worry about finding a ride home or driving while intoxicated, your chauffeur will make sure that you and your guests will get to your next destination safely. In the vehicles, there are bars, a stereo system, color changing lights and more. There's nothing better than having a night out and not having to worry about driving. Plus you get to continue the party on the road between destinations. Give us a call to set up your next night out.


Everyone loves a good party. There are many types of parties. Parties that celebrate for a reason and parties that don't really have a cause, that are just for fun. There are parties like birthday, graduation, retirement, promotion, wedding showers, bridal showers, baby showers, garden parties, tea parties and more! Each one with its own reason to be a party. Though you don't need a reason to have a party. It's just a chance to get out of the house and socialize a bit, maybe play some games, depending on the type of party. Plus, there is probably going to be food and drinks, which are always nice.

Getting a vehicle from Limousine Boise, it'll be like you are treating your guests like VIP. If you want to have your guests pick up, for a reason of that's the type of party or maybe the venue is hard to find, imagine the shock on their face when they realize they get to climb into that vehicle. You could surprise the person the party is for by picking them up. Imagine the look on their face when they see the vehicle, an overwhelming amount of joy and happiness. They will feel loved and ecstatic that you took the time and spent the money for the extra touch on their big day. There are bar area, color changing lights, leather seats, stereo system, and TVs to enjoy while riding in the vehicle. It will definitely make it a not to never forget. Don't wait to the last second to make your reservation. Call us today to book your reservation before all the vehicles are gone.