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We started our company knowing that the luxury and fun of special transportation should be affordable and available to everyone. Boise and the surrounding areas are a perfect place for us to provide service to. With all the unique people here, they all deserve the chance to have great transportation. Our vehicle are available all the time. You can make a rental for the wee hours of the morning, lunch time, or out all night. You are bound to have a great night with our affordable rates, stunning fleet, professional chauffeurs and friendly customer service agents. Memories to last a lifetime.

Their are customer service agents who are available to you, no matter the time or day. They will answer the call if you call at three in the morning or during dinner at six at night. We want to be available to you when you have the time to call. Everyone's schedules are so different and we don't want to exclude anyone. The customer service agents are friendly and helpful. If you have questions, they will answer them. They will give you all the quotes you wish, if you still haven't decided on the event. There is no obligation or fee whatsoever.

One of the best parts about renting a vehicle, besides enjoying the luxuries, would be the chauffeur. You don't have to worry about driving, getting stuck in traffic, getting lost, or fidgeting with directions. Your chauffeur will be equipped with a GPS so that they always know where they are going, but they know all the major hot spots. They are professional drivers and have lots of experience driving the large vehicles. Before they are even hired, they go through a series of tests to make sure that they can perform well. Besides getting interviewed, they have a background check done, a driving record check, drug tested, and have a driving test. If at all they don't 100% passed the tests, they are not hired. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your driver is the best of the best. You are in good hands.

We want you to feel comfortable and glad that you rented from start to finish. From talking with the customer service agent, to the transportation to and from your event, you should be extremely satisfied. The only thing we have left to tell you, is that if you are planning an event, the sooner you call for your reservation, the better. There are times in which we book up fast, months before the day. Spring to Summer is an extremely busy time with all the weddings and proms happening. Don't wait to the last minutes because we might not have any vehicles left or any to accommodate your size party. We thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

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