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Is there drinking allowed on the vehicles?

Drinking is allowed on the vehicles, if everyone is of drinking age. If there are those who are under 21 years old, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicles.

Can you smoke on the vehicles?

No, you may not smoke. We'd like our vehicles to stay fresh and clean. You are allowed unlimited stops so you can take a smoke break when it is safe to do so.

Do you provide us with alcohol?

We do not have the license to sell or provide alcohol. You will have to bring your own beverages. The vehicles have a bar area with coolers stocked with ice.

We have nothing to hide from you. You will be informed of all potential charges when you make your reservation and when you look at the contract, like cleaning and damages.

No bathrooms. They get stinky and dirty fast and we wouldn't want you to get stuck with that smell for the hours your have the vehicles. Just take a break when needed.

Children can come on board! We are great for birthday parties and school dances. If there is anyone under 21 years old, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicle.

You can bring food. There are coolers with ice on the vehicles to put food if needed. Try not to make a mess though. If there is clean up needed, you may be charged a cleaning fee.

No, you may not. Once you have made your reservation and put a hold on it, you have to pay for the service whether you use it or not. You can only change the time and bus, if available.

You can contact us at any time, on any day. That way, you can contact us when the time is right for you. Just give us a call or send us an email and we'd be happy to help.

Your hourly rate includes the price of rental, taxes, and a minimum tip for the driver. If you wish to tip more, they would greatly appreciate it, but it is not needed.

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